The Importance of FamousFailures

My name is Jayden Inoa. I am a Musician, Entrepreneur, Brother, Friend, Son, & A young man bringing hope into the current & next generation. I pick famous failures because.. I once felt the feeling of emptiness, the thought of why should I be alive? we all have one issue in common, we worry on what purpose do we have instead of wondering what can we do to bring purpose & hope to others. I am a fanatic at researching & understanding the beauty of life & how it was created, I see all these empowering speakers like Malcom X, Martin Luther King etc.. One thing they all have in common is one thing, they all made mistakes & failed at one time in their life, But they kept fighting for either their life or their passion, & did not care about doing it for themselves but doing it for others rights or others passion & purpose. We all need to sacrifice & help one another.. i AM A TRUE BELIEVER in this because without one another's idea, our community would be nothing, I chose famous failures because the idea of failing, could make you famous.